JNUWebDay My First event as a host

A very good morning to all

Great thanx to all the participants for making this event a wonderful one.

     How it started:-

when i woke up early in the morning i was a bit nervous about my event. i reached early to saras parlour (event location).

I got a good amount of help from trishul bhaiya, adit bhaiya,meghraj sir on how to make this event a successful one.

From last one week i was in regular contact with Trishul bhaiya,Adit bhaiya and meghraj bhaiya.

They guided me to make this event a successful one.

    Event’s etherpad link:- https://etherpad.mozilla.org/remo-jnu-webday

    All participants reached on time.Event started @11.

Event started with the brief description of the participants. And they were asked to tell about what they know about open source?




We All were listening about Mozilla’s history,How Firefox OS started from Adit Bharadwaj(Mentor of our event) and what we see that, from far a special guest arrives to the Event The “DUMB” guy non other than Our Osho sir .



Osho Sir explained about what open source is and what mozilla is? and told us about the ways of contribution to mozilla.

A brief description of Webmaker was given and App-dev session started.

Participants were very much excited to learn about app development.

manifest files were given to students and hands on started.



We all know how funny Osho sir is… So he started his fun tricks to make others laugh


Event concluded with an app made by a parcipant hitesh

App name;- Make me smile

A group pic was taken


 Though event was over but few participants were eager to learn about how to contribute in mozilla.

Talha and I taken a short session on how to contribute in localisation and Webmaker .

and Student ambassador registration steps were explained to newbies..


 Great thanx to all the members of MCR making this event a succesful one.

thank you varun bhaiya for making the event picture

thank you Meghraj sir for all the support you gave to me and adding my event on rep portal.

thank you adit bhaiya for being a mentor to the event.

thank you Osho sir for your presence in my event.

And a great great thanx to Trishul bhaiya for guiding me at each step of event.


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