Journey to the center of Mozilla…..

Hi everyone!!!

I am Md Shahbaz Alam.

Journey to the center of Mozilla begins….. 🙂 🙂

One of my friend have invited me to an Event “MiniCamp Jaipur”. I was not sure about attending this event.. But finally i made it…

MiniCamp Jaipur :-
After reaching to “Sheesha Restaurant” Event’s location.. I met with a guy, who is so generous and helpful.. I was not knowing him, not even met him once in my life, the way he greeted me.. it was awesome feeling.. as if he was knowing me from many years.. And the person is none other than my Mentor, my best guide.. “TRISHUL bhaiya”.. He is an awesome person…

then during event i get to know about open source and how mozilla is helping the world by protecting the web…

Also get to know about various verticals of Mozilla..

I participated in App-dev and won prize for my App – “Rock Paper Scissors”… though it was rejected but this idea is converted in the form of app by one of my friend , Hitesh Aswani… thanx buddy:-) for completing this..

App link:-

Then i made a thimble for minicamp follow up… :-

the day i came back i was busy in planning for an event of my own.. So i contacted Raj Suthar and Trishul bhaiya.. They guided me to host my first event JNU WebDay @ saras parlour
Event link :-

My blog :-

Started contribution in SuMo.. Profile :-

And started making App
My first App : Programming in C :-
November challenge : KFB – Know Firefox Browsers :-
Playing with JS : Tic-Tac-Toe :-

Also encouraged many friend to join this global community…

Then attended jnuappday a two day workshop at JNU, Jaipur

Event link :-

During my holiday.. I went back to my home and organized an Event “MozIntro @ St. Clare’s” awesome feeling when i hold the mic.. And this event was feautured in monthly newsletter…
Event link :-
My blog :-

One day i saw a post about FirefoxOS Intensive Workshop… I thought that “NO this is not for me” because it was based on invitation… I said to myself.. “No Shahbaz you will never get this invitation”
But i still filled the form..
And one day @ 12 a.m i received a mail saying “You are invited”… It was an awesome feeling.. i can’t express it here..

Soon packed the bag and reached Delhi on the event day…

FirefoxOS Intensive Workshop, Delhi :-
Met with big names Dietrich Ayala, Priyanka Nag , Kaustav Das Modak and there i got a rich knowledge about FirefoxOS, battery life and many more things…

Thanks Priyanka di for all delicious food…

And there i recieved a gift from mozilla… Zen Fire a firefoxOS device.. So that i can test my app…

I started contacting people in MCR,Mozilla India and FSA Official page of Facebook.. there i recieved a great help from all…

Then one day i recieved a message from Ram Bhaiya.. then he guided me to plan an event…

Attended KnowTheFoxy campaing… here too i got a chance to take a session.. it was on webmaker
I never expected that i can get a chance to share the stage with ram bhaiya and osho bhaiya…
Event link :-

My profiles

IRC Nick Name :- shahbaz17

Email- id :-

Facebook :-

Twitter :-

Support forum :-

Mozillians profile :-

Webmaker profile :-

And on 6th April 2017 I became a Mozilla Rep :


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