Codebase @ MITS

Event was supposed to be a codebase event. But later changed to codebase + App-Dev & Add-ons development.

Reached MITS,Laxmangarh before the scheduled start of the event. Participants were sitting eagerly to learn new technologies.

Event started on 28th of November, with the agenda of covering codebase, App-Dev and Add-ons development.

It started with a brief introduction about speakers.

Osho Parth   – profile

Sagar Chand Agarwal – profile

Md Shahbaz Alam – profile


Git Session

Sagar started the Git session. It seems that it was all new for attendees but soon they understood every minute detail of git. There were many questions arised during this session. such as “What is the difference between git and Github ?” , “Why do we use git ?” as so on… And luckily we had Sagar with us, who is master in git. He explained each and every step with full patience and enthusiasm.


First day was concluded with a promise to learn more about github tomorrow ( as we were running out of time).

Second day event was started with

git add . , git commit , git push and PR and finally merge.

And there were more than 70 PR request.

Then there was a session break.

App-Development Session

I started the App-Development session with a brief introduction of Firefox-OS , App-Development , Marketplace and What Web can do ?

Everyone was excited to learn App-Development, as it can be ported to all the available platform(windows,iOS,Android etc). They were amazed to hear about “Write once and run everywhere”.


I summarized the introduction in 15 min and started the practical session.

We found that firefox browser was outdated. So we updated the firefox to get access of WebIDE

as everyone was using ubuntu so it was easy through terminal.

sudo apt-get install firefox

shift + f8 – to get access of WebIDE.

Explained about the Apps available and made a demo app of Hello world. Used etherpad to explain simultaneously .

Then everyone made Geolocation App. And i guided them to complete the App and Submitted it to Marketplace


App-Dev metrics :

No. of Apps created : 30+

No. of Marketplace Developer Account created : 50+


Add-ons Session


“Sweet are the fruits of adversity” . We had with us very experienced speaker , core of MCR . A proud Mozillian , who love public speaking and spreading the word of open-source.Also he is a hacker & system programmer by profession.

He started the Add-on session with explaining about what Add-on can do to solve a day to day problem of everyone around the globe. And Explained the requirements needed to develop the Add-on.

As he is a hacker by profession , so everyone was eagerly waiting for some hacking tips.(including me)

After the Add-on session he did taught us about ethical hacking.

Session ends here… with new contributors of Mozilla..

Welcome aboard new contributors… 🙂

Remember just one thing “Doing good is part of our code”.




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