Privacy Matters v2

A meet up to spread awareness about online privacy and execute the campaign. And let the people know why privacy matters. And how to achieve it with Firefox.

Event link:

The Plan was discussed among mentors of MCR community. First educate yourself then pass it on. And make a healthy growing community and help people to educate themselves about “Why privacy matters?”.

Trishul Goel sir has briefed us about the privacyMonth campaign which could be found here


Finally, the plan is ready just need to be executed.

After the meet-up Trishul sir and me discussed ways to improve this privacyMonth campaign. And the first outcome of our discussion can be seen here

profile-pic (7) profile-pic (4) (1) (1) profile-pic (8)

We are ready for the #privacyMonth. Are you?

Change your profile picture to support and promote #privacymonth 


Social links of the event:

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