MozCoffee @ Community House

As we all know that MCR is not so active now-a-days and Mozilla India is rebooting.So this is the perfect opportunity for us to reboot out community too.

We lack active contributors and this is an approach to onboard active people, though the strength may look small , as we know “quality is better than quantity”.

New community structure :

There will be a group in each college which will be headed by club lead where members of that club will learn the following things on weekly basis.

I.  Instant Answer @ DDG (Cheat Sheet, Git and VCS in general )
II. IoT based services ( Chips needed,APIs,Tools,Software )
III.Learn Python ( Core , Frameworks-Django,Flask )
IV. Dive into Contribution for Open Source Projects ( Mozilla,DDG,Python… )
V.  More to come … ( Like Rust,… )

* Apart from College club MCR will organise events on monthly basis on a particular project.
* Hackathons – Every 3rd Month

Club Strength – 10-15


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