MozUnicorn’s Virtual Day

This event was about open source organizations , their role and code ethics. Participants  get to know about open-source organizations such as Mozilla,DuckDuckGo,etc and lots of other and ways to contribute in those organizations. Primary focus of this event was rebooting of Unicorn Club and make them aware of the opportunities waiting ahead. With this event , participants learned about basics of web designing and virtual reality.

Event started with the introduction of Mozilla Club and how one can involve . Then the presentation of WebVR started Slide link can be found here : ( Thanks to Ram and Kevin )


Attendees were the 3rd Year student of B.Tech C.S.E , B.C.A and M.C.A


After the presentation MozUnicorn’s Website was shown to them and how they can register. Here is the website :

After the break students were asked to bring their laptops (if anyone had) to the labs were the hands-on session was arranged. I started off the session with the a-frame docs and the basic hello world model displayed on the a-frame’s docs.

As students were pro in HTML so they started making their scenes without any problem. Yes someone had doubts but they know how to find the answer. Scenes created by them can be found here : ( more to come )

And at last everyone played VR-Game, Visited VR-Shopping Site and also saw their work, which i hosted on local server. Not only students , faculties were also interested in WebVR.


More to come from MozUnicorn and MCR…..


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