Your personal data is at risk from companies that want to make more money from advertising. Here’s how to reclaim your privacy

There’s no real way to avoid using Google, but it’s a little bit terrifying how much data the company collects on us, and how much information you can give away yourself. Fortunately , Google provides plenty of tools to help you regain control. We’ll take you through them.

  1. Restrict Google Login
  2. You can remove access to any app or service through the account dashboard
  3. Stop Google tacking you
  4. Delete what Google already knows
  5. Stop Advert Tracking
  6. Browsing anonymously with a vpn

Facebook is similar to Google in the amount and type of data that it collects, using your profile information to serve targeted ads. With so many of us having Facebook accounts , it’s frightening how much information is available to the service.

  1. Restrict facebook login
  2. Review Historical Access
  3. Limit Data Use
  4. Prevent Advert tracking
  5. Lock Down Sharing settings
  6. Whatsapp and the privacy nightmare

Microsoft+Windows 10

  1. Amend Windows 10 Basic Settings
  2. Block more with spybot anti-beacon
  3. check camera and microphone settings
  4. Control Speech, inking, & typing settings
  5. updating location settings
  6. How to lock down other services





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