Mozilla Contribution – 2017 : Thanks to Mozilla and Mozillians

Year started with the #PrivacyMonth Campaign an initiative to support digital privacy by Mozilla India. Actively participated in offline/online event and have created a profile changer for privacymonth.

Invited to be a part of MakerFest’17 where I mostly talked about WebVR and Privacy in general . Event page

Get involved with Mozilla Reps Program and became an official mozilla rep : . Also I regularly attended 22 Reps Calls after becoming Mozilla Rep.

Organized and attended following events to bring community closer and focus on a particular active area of contribution.

  1. Maker Fest 2017 –
  2. Jaipur Test Pilot Meetup –
  3. MozActivate MITS –
  4. MozCoffee Jaipur –
  5. A-Frame Hacknight India –
  6. India Uses FxNightly –
  7. Rust Hack Jaipur-
  8. Jaipur Uses FxNightly –
  9. RainOfRust Campaign –
  10. A-frame bug fixing contest –
  11. MozCoffee Ranchi –
  12. MozAarambh Jharkhand Rai University –
  13. Firefox 57 Sprint Ranchi –
  14. WebVR India monthly calls –
  15. WebVR Camp @ JRU –
  16. MozCoffee Ranchi 2.0 –

Actively participated in Firefox Nightly campaign and also developed profile changer for the same campaign which is used by more than 300 people. Also organized Jaipur Uses Firefox Nightly where participants learned about the nightly browser and ways to contribute to it.

Moved to a new city,Ranchi, leaving Mozilla Community Rajasthan. Now I’m a volunteer at Mozilla Jharkhand Community. Organised many events and interacted with almost all the participants to know the problems of the community, which I talked about in my blogs.

Overall , the year was very much happening for me. Loking forward to contibue the same in 2018.

Happy new year



Your personal data is at risk from companies that want to make more money from advertising. Here’s how to reclaim your privacy

There’s no real way to avoid using Google, but it’s a little bit terrifying how much data the company collects on us, and how much information you can give away yourself. Fortunately , Google provides plenty of tools to help you regain control. We’ll take you through them.

  1. Restrict Google Login
  2. You can remove access to any app or service through the account dashboard
  3. Stop Google tacking you
  4. Delete what Google already knows
  5. Stop Advert Tracking
  6. Browsing anonymously with a vpn

Facebook is similar to Google in the amount and type of data that it collects, using your profile information to serve targeted ads. With so many of us having Facebook accounts , it’s frightening how much information is available to the service.

  1. Restrict facebook login
  2. Review Historical Access
  3. Limit Data Use
  4. Prevent Advert tracking
  5. Lock Down Sharing settings
  6. Whatsapp and the privacy nightmare

Microsoft+Windows 10

  1. Amend Windows 10 Basic Settings
  2. Block more with spybot anti-beacon
  3. check camera and microphone settings
  4. Control Speech, inking, & typing settings
  5. updating location settings
  6. How to lock down other services




Maker Fest 2018

Makerfest has been a place to explore and learn from all the makers and collaborators. This is my 2nd consecutive year as Volunteer from Mozilla India. This time I was there to represent Auth0 and talk about its service.

I joined the Mozilla booth for the WebVR session, a joint session taken by Prathamesh and me. We talked about the Virtual Reality on Web and played with the sample codes. Not to forget the VR experience provided to the attendees.

Doing good is part of our code.


It was a wonderful event, happy to come back next year again.

For detail report of this event, please follow Mehul’s blog

This is how the booth looked.


GirlScript Summit 2017

Event page :

Everything started with the Auth0 Ambassador program, got to know more about Auth0 and it is the community which is growing day by day.

Got an invitation as a speaker , before flying to the venue , got to know that one of the auth0 ambassador was also coming as a speaker, it was Chathu Vishwajith from Colombo, Sri Lanka. He had a talk regarding Serverless and Webtask.

My talk was related to Web Security and how we can help developers to build a safer



After my talk , participants asked many question regarding Auth0,Authenticaion and the main highlight was Passwordless.

There was hackathon running parallel to the conference, where we set-up a booth of Auth0, special thanks to Diego Poza and Chathu Vishwajith in helping me to set-up the booth.

We were expecting few visitors, but to my surprise most of the participants came to our booth asking about Authentication and Auth0. Chathu and I were helping participants solve their issues. It was really a best experience helping them.


First day was concluded with an awesome pic.


Auth0 Ambassador and Mozillians at GirlScriptSummit 2017


Second day we went for sightseeing and after coming back to the event location, I was surprised to meet M.Tech students waiting for me to know more about auth0. There is a group of students who are doing M.Tech and their specialization is Cyber Security. We had a healty discussion and came to know that they wanted to do a project using auth0. And the faculty member of those students invited me to their college for the same talk in their college. Looking forward to it… 🙂

When I came back to my town , few of the journalist who were covering the trip wanted to know more about the conference in detail. [ come back to this place , will update the actual interview when published in newspapers ]

Also got two invitations as a speaker after this talk 🙂 , very much excited to spread the message of Identity

WebVR Camp @ JRU, Ranchi

Event was the follow-up of MozAarambh . Students were very much excited to know about the Virtual reality  in our previous event. So we went again with A-frame and WebVR through WebVR Camp.

Event started with a warm welcome and introduction of WebVR. We have distributed Aframe postcards , thanks for the wonderful cheatsheet, to all the attendees so that they get to know about Aframe and WebVR in detail and how to get involved in it. With the brief walkthrough of agenda we went to the Computer Lab where the actual fun begun.

We started with the hello world example of A-frame, later everyone was able to mix and make their own hello world .

Scene made by Harsh


Media coverage on local newspaper


All the projects developed during this event need few finishing after that we’ll be hosting them to a central repository. We are happy to see great ethusiasm among the students of Jharkhand Rai University, got to know more about the problems they had earlier too, I hope I’ll be able to fix few of them and with the support of the community we’ll make this Jharkhand community a productive one.

More pics can be found here :

MozAarambh Jharkhand RAI University

I started my journey in Mozilla as a contributor to Mozilla Community Rajasthan and met many enthusiasts who inspired me to do  every possible contributions i could do to Mozilla and Open source in general. I am from Jharkhand , after returning from Rajasthan, I met a mozillian from Jharkhand community, Amit Singh , he is very passionate about learning new things and very much like the idea of working in open.

I got to know many problems of the people wanted to contribute. Major problem is the availability of support from Mozilla and Mozilla Reps in general. There are many Reps from this region , but unfortunatly they are working outside this state. They are very helpful in arranging things, but… But they want their presence, they want to hear them in person and want to know their success story, how they came to mozilla and why….. There are many more questions asked by few contributors who wanted to continue the same. I listed their questions and figured out many possible things we could do together to improve the contributions from this region.

I moved to Ranchi officially , it was the time when i was very busy with my work. A phone call rang, it was Amit , wanted to know if i can organize an event in Jharkhand Rai University. I said yes, definitely . He introduced me to Prof. Shudhanshu, after meeting him we fixed the date, 6th Oct. 2017. Made a poster , promoted in Jharkahnd Rai University.

MozAarambh Poster

Event day, we reached the venue on time, we received a warm welcome. Prof. Shudhanshu introduced us infornt of students. I see a hall, full pacekd with students almost 200+ . I introduced myself  and why I choose to contribute to Mozilla and Open source. Students were listening this as if they were sitting in a lecture room. It was the tme to bring out few swags , in a minute everyone was answering questions, asking interesting questions. Swag has some power!!!!!

I started with introduction of Mozilla, Firefox and Open Source. To my surprise everyone knows about these things. Then I got to know that they had one introduction event of mozilla but after that never heard back from that mozillian. Then I introduced them about the mozilla’s products and projects, what actually matters. People were very excited to know about WebVR, Rust and WebCompat .

I forgot to introduce the speakers, I had Amit and Mahtab with me who was sharing the stage. Amit gave session on WebCompat and even showed a demo on how to file a report. Mahtab gave session on L10n and how a non-coder students still contribute to open source.

Event concluded with a group picture. A mozilla style of conclusion!!


Actual thing happend after the event , there were 80 students who wanted to know the possibilities and ways to involve with Mozilla and it’s projects. We get back to the hall ,selected few students who have shown their interest in making a club. I introduced Mozilla Campus Club to them. We formed a team and created Telegram groups so that we stay in loop.

Mozilla Jharkhand has a facebook group and after the event people joined this group in hige number, from 170 we reached to 246 in a single day. Not only they joined in this group, they have introduced themself to this group, which i never seen in other community as this scale. This shows they are very active and only need a correct Mentor to guide them.

I will love to do the role of Mentor to them. And next day we were rocking on local newspaper. Planning a series of events in this college to educate them and make a good contributor.


“Doing good is a part of our code.” – Mozilla

“Learn , Teach n be Innovative” – Shahbaz

Event Link :


Let’s increase Firefox Market share

With the Andreas Gal’s latest post it is quite clear that we are losing our market share and same can be seen on Wikipedia’s Usage Share Page.

I am a Mozilla Rep. When I joined Mozilla 4 years back, I was literally knowing only three browsers Internet Explorer(thanks to Microsoft), Google Chrome(here due to Android) and Opera Mini(Only browser which uses less data then).
But thanks to the community in Rajasthan which was so much active then, promoting Mozilla and it’s Mission. That was the first time when I get to know about Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is a product which is the core of Mozilla, this is what I believe and assume other volunteers,mozillians and Reps Share the same.

Today, Firefox is mainly used by Mozilla volunteers and few engineers that to are losing faith in it due to compatibility issue and other problems.To name a few, Hangout call is not supported by Firefox, which we use more often for our monthly meeting in India. So what we could do is, create a campaign just like Firefox Nightly and Rain of Rust to promote the use of Firefox, where we will introduce this browser to the students which are still unaware of the browser, which you may agree too.

We are a country with a population of over 1.311 billion where 315 million are students, if we could target those and industry people. This will definitely increase our market share.

I agree that Firefox sometimes doesn’t behave well and we lack other support too which is available in other browsers. I also see a great opportunity for us to make this browser more advanced and easy to use.We want a browser which we love. During this campaign, we will be collecting lots of feedback and suggestions and how you want this browser for yourself. Then we will share these reports with Mozilla staff and help them to create a browser which people love.

I would love to know your feedback and suggestion regarding this campaign as well as any correction will be appreciatable.

Please follow this topic on discourse for more updates

Mozilla Rep
Mozilla Firefox User