LinuxCon China

LinuxCon China was a technical conference for developers, operations experts (architects, sys admins, devops), business, compliance and legal leadership and other professionals to come together in an informal setting to learn from open source experts, have fascinating discussions, collaborate with peers, and gain a competitive advantage with innovative open solutions.

This year I got an opportunity to talk about and represent Auth0 and Mozilla at LinuxCon. It was a 3-day conference where My first talk was based on Serverless where I was representing Auth0 and next day I was representing Mozilla with A-frame and WebVR theme.


The first day was really amazing as I had to visit all the sponsor’s booth where I got swags and most importantly networking. My talk on Serverless was at 16:20 Chinese Time. It was wonderful to see many attendees waiting for the talk, I started the presentation where I discussed the basics of Client-Server architecture and why we need security layer and how one can get started with serverless. The response of the talk was really good as many came after the session for the get started link and to clear their doubts. It was a good day at the conference.

The second day, I had an open session at the CNCC, where I was given a space where attendees came to interact and know about the project. The project I was having was of A-frame and WebVR. It was really fun to interact with the Chinese attendees as many were unable to understand or speak English, so I had to use VPN to use Google Translate( good translation 🙂 ). Many were excited to know about A-frame since it requires a very little amount of background in computer science to get started. I have shared the links with them via email and wechat. It was a good day to conclude the conference and very happy to represent both Mozilla and Auth0.

Sorry for not taking lot of pics. Thank you and enjoy the panda kickIMG_20180626_121206

GirlScript Summit 2017

Event page :

Everything started with the Auth0 Ambassador program, got to know more about Auth0 and it is the community which is growing day by day.

Got an invitation as a speaker , before flying to the venue , got to know that one of the auth0 ambassador was also coming as a speaker, it was Chathu Vishwajith from Colombo, Sri Lanka. He had a talk regarding Serverless and Webtask.

My talk was related to Web Security and how we can help developers to build a safer



After my talk , participants asked many question regarding Auth0,Authenticaion and the main highlight was Passwordless.

There was hackathon running parallel to the conference, where we set-up a booth of Auth0, special thanks to Diego Poza and Chathu Vishwajith in helping me to set-up the booth.

We were expecting few visitors, but to my surprise most of the participants came to our booth asking about Authentication and Auth0. Chathu and I were helping participants solve their issues. It was really a best experience helping them.


First day was concluded with an awesome pic.


Auth0 Ambassador and Mozillians at GirlScriptSummit 2017


Second day we went for sightseeing and after coming back to the event location, I was surprised to meet M.Tech students waiting for me to know more about auth0. There is a group of students who are doing M.Tech and their specialization is Cyber Security. We had a healty discussion and came to know that they wanted to do a project using auth0. And the faculty member of those students invited me to their college for the same talk in their college. Looking forward to it… 🙂

When I came back to my town , few of the journalist who were covering the trip wanted to know more about the conference in detail. [ come back to this place , will update the actual interview when published in newspapers ]

Also got two invitations as a speaker after this talk 🙂 , very much excited to spread the message of Identity