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MozDev @ NIIT

Event started with a brief introduction of Osho Parth and Md Shahbaz Alam. After the introduction session, Osho Parth introduced the concept of Open Source and How it is important for all of us. He beautifully explained Mozilla with a story and how Mozilla is part of open source. Let me tell you Firefox is not Mozilla, it’s just a product of Mozilla. Participants get to know about the various variant of Firefox and other Mozilla’s product.

After his session , I introduced about Web Compatibility .Answered these questions, Why it is important ? When to report ? Where to report ? Should I report ? Will i get something ? After this i showed a demo where i reported a bug on also asked to download webcompat add-on.


Lunch time : Lunch was delicious 🙂

WebVR : Presented A-frame and WebVR using this slide


Ice breaker session : Alibaba and copy cats


Hands-on session : Students created scenes using aframe and solving their bug was very challenging but at the end all were able to understand the concept and promised to created more scenes using aframe.

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Connected Devices & Hacking :

Useful hacking tips were discussed by Osho Parth to increase interest and awareness about the vulnerabilities. Later he introduced ESP8266,Arduino UNO,Rasperry Pi and other devices to students. Also explained very well the importance , concept and use in coming future. Later he demoed a version of automated light using mobile device.

At last our favorite moment , group picture . We left the campus with a promise from both the sides to increase awareness in students and increase participation.


“Doing good is part of our code . “

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Brave Meet-up 1.0 – Jaipur


This was first Brave Meet-up in Jaipur. It started with a welcoming session where each participants introduced themselves.

Then we started with the introduction of Brave and Why brave ?


  • Brave is Fast
  • Brave is Secure
  • Brave is Private
  • Brave is Easy
  • Brave uses Micropayment

What makes brave different from other browsers? How the user data is not shared with Data Hungry people ? And Why brave things its better to give user a configured browsers with all the privacy and security add-ons enabled by default. These were the questions which was being discussed with the participants.

Screenshot from 2016-09-27 23-39-48.png

Everyone has attended one or the other privacy related event. So they understood well the concept of Privacy in brave browser.It was fascinating to them when they get to know that they don’t have to configure and download plug-ins to surf the web securely in Brave Browser.

These were the questions put up by the attendees which i thing has to be answered :

“Doing good things automatically without giving users a burden to configure ” – one of the participants
“If brave is not showing the personalized ads based on user’s search history, at times people may miss the cracking deals available at different websites” – other participant
“Why the .exe file is around 100 MB ? ” – participants
“How BitCoin integration to Micro-payment is anonymous ? ” – participants

Its Coffee time


Finally we wrapped up with a group picture with a promise to Protect the Web and help others knowing their privacy rights on web.


#BeBrave and use #BraveBrowser. #LetsRoar

Tweets 🙂


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MozUnicorn’s Virtual Day

This event was about open source organizations , their role and code ethics. Participants  get to know about open-source organizations such as Mozilla,DuckDuckGo,etc and lots of other and ways to contribute in those organizations. Primary focus of this event was rebooting of Unicorn Club and make them aware of the opportunities waiting ahead. With this event , participants learned about basics of web designing and virtual reality.

Event started with the introduction of Mozilla Club and how one can involve . Then the presentation of WebVR started Slide link can be found here : ( Thanks to Ram and Kevin )


Attendees were the 3rd Year student of B.Tech C.S.E , B.C.A and M.C.A


After the presentation MozUnicorn’s Website was shown to them and how they can register. Here is the website :

After the break students were asked to bring their laptops (if anyone had) to the labs were the hands-on session was arranged. I started off the session with the a-frame docs and the basic hello world model displayed on the a-frame’s docs.

As students were pro in HTML so they started making their scenes without any problem. Yes someone had doubts but they know how to find the answer. Scenes created by them can be found here : ( more to come )

And at last everyone played VR-Game, Visited VR-Shopping Site and also saw their work, which i hosted on local server. Not only students , faculties were also interested in WebVR.


More to come from MozUnicorn and MCR…..

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MozCoffee @ Community House

As we all know that MCR is not so active now-a-days and Mozilla India is rebooting.So this is the perfect opportunity for us to reboot out community too.

We lack active contributors and this is an approach to onboard active people, though the strength may look small , as we know “quality is better than quantity”.

New community structure :

There will be a group in each college which will be headed by club lead where members of that club will learn the following things on weekly basis.

I.  Instant Answer @ DDG (Cheat Sheet, Git and VCS in general )
II. IoT based services ( Chips needed,APIs,Tools,Software )
III.Learn Python ( Core , Frameworks-Django,Flask )
IV. Dive into Contribution for Open Source Projects ( Mozilla,DDG,Python… )
V.  More to come … ( Like Rust,… )

* Apart from College club MCR will organise events on monthly basis on a particular project.
* Hackathons – Every 3rd Month

Club Strength – 10-15

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MCR 2nd Anniversary


Our mission is to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web. With this mission in mind, a community started it’s journey on Jan 24, 2014. And 24th Jan 2016 is the day when MCR turned 2. Last year we had celebrated this event, which was a huge success. Have a look how it was.


The Event started with a great promise and new contributors around the state along with active contributors. The day started with a formal introduction of MCR’s SIG Mentors. A video which shows how we started and where we have reached till now and what to achieve in the coming year.

It was then followed by a session on “Privacy and Security on the Web” which was in the context of the ongoing #PrivacyMonth around the globe to speak on the privacy issues and “why #privacyMatters to anyone ?” raised by concerned Internet Being and the Mozillians across the globe.

Followed by a session on Internet of Things and the trending future in embedded systems by Depesh Monga.He presented some awesome demos of FM hacking and quad-copter using Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

We could not miss out an ice-breaker, our favourite choice “Alibaba and Chalis Chor”. And guess what? “The Lunchtime”, we received an awesome hospitality from LNMIIT and had an amazing food.


After Lunch SIG Mentors gave a brief introduction about all the verticals like AppDev, Codebase,Webmaker, L10 etc. Then the people were divided into two groups, in which the first group was given a session on “Webmaker”(by Adit Bharadwaj and Rashya Sharma) and “Internet of Things” (by Dipesh Monga), while the other group was taught about “Codebase”,”Git” and “Firefox OS App Development” by Sagar Chand Agarwal and Md. Shahbaz Alam.


The event concluded with a promise and determination to make MCR achieve new heights and evangelize more and more people about “Open Source” and the ways to contribute to it, and expand our MCR family.Then we introduced #privacyWindow to everyone. Have a look at it.

Happy Anniversary MCR. And we missed you Osho sir, Trishul sir. Lavish sir, Raj Rohit, Raj Suthar and Ram Sir.

The Ever growing MCR Family with new volunteers and Mentors.

Following day we mentors meat at Indian Coffee House to discuss and plan out for future events of MCR.

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Building Steps to Climb


January is the PrivacyMonth. Do something for the open web. Educate everyone to protect their Privacy. As all the Mozillians around the world are celebrating “Privacy Month” this January to make people aware of some serious privacy issues and tools to prevent them. So we held a Privacy cum Firefox OS App Development session at Jaipur National University.


I started the event with a brief introduction of Firefox OS Apps and why they are more powerful and flexible. As one rightly said, “WEB can do anything”. Meanwhile, everyone was amazed about the fact that FirefoxOS is built purely on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

It was followed by a session on “Privacy and Security” by Hitesh Aswani, where he  enlightened people about how they are being tracked by ‘Third Party’ sites and various mobile applications which they use on a daily basis.


Students were made aware about the fact that they are being tracked every time they connect to the Web.


  • Firefox features
  • Lightbeam
  • Private Browsing
  • about:permissions
  • Do Not Track feature
  • Forget Button

Add ons:

  • Https everywhere
  • Web of Trust
  • Better Privacy
  • Lightbeam

Other technologies :

  • Duckduckgo
  • Tor
  • Protonmail
  • Telegram messenger

Students were eager to know more but we had very little time as App-Dev hands-on session was in the queue.

It was then followed by an App Development hands-on session by me. Students were first asked to write their ideas on a piece of paper and then they were implemented into code. I taught them about Web APIs and how to integrate them into our apps using Firefox OS Boilerplate. I also demonstrated the use of various sensors using their respective APIs on a real Firefox OS device (Sony Xperia Z3C ). FirefoxOS Apps were demonstrated so that they can get the idea. Find me Google, M4Maths, Tic-Tac-Toe are few among those demo apps.

The event concluded with the announcement of the winners of the best app idea and distribution of swags.


And a surprise invitation was sent to all those students whose app idea was really good to attend MCR-Wingdings(Mozilla Community Rajasthan’s Anniversary Event).

The event was a great success as the motto to aware people about “Why privacy matters?”,”What web can do?” and “How to develop Firefox OS Apps?” was achieved.And we onboarded 30+ to our FSA team.Looking forward to work with you all.

Finally, see how they reacted to a question asked by me. ” Who all are ready?