VR and AR on the Web @ Cognizance 2018

Mozilla India’s first collaboration with Cognizance 2k18. Spreading the Mozilla mission in Changa. Also spreading awareness for online privacy, MozActivate campaign. Amongst students from all over Gujarat, in the technical fest hosted by CHARUSAT, Changa. This will be the 1st year when Mozilla India will be present at Cognizance or Changa.

Reps Event Page: https://reps.mozilla.org/e/cognizance-2018/

The event started with the formal introduction of the speakers, Pranshu Khanna and Md. Shahbaz Alam

Event pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/g68YGybpsALyJyCH9

We were fortunate to have good volunteers with us, who helped as managing this event Pratik, Sumed and Shivam.

Volunteers helping participants with their scenes.

Sharing the best pratices with the students and prize distribution.



Dedication shown by the participants.





Our Team



Public Speaking Advice by Jessica Rose

  • Don’t use Google Slides. Google Slides will always betray you.
  • Try to avoid slides with huge chunks of bullet pointed text. If you are using bullet points, have them reveal as you get to them verbally. People can can read faster can you can speak, they’ll read ahead of you and tune out if your next point is on the slide.
  • Agenda slides are great if you’ve got firm learning outcomes, but consider skipping them if you have limited time or talks that aren’t firmly wedded to a learning outcome.
  • Audience interaction “raise your hand if…” is great, but be flexible and ready to move on if cooperation isn’t forthcoming.
  • BACK EVERYTHING UP! On your device, in the cloud, on a thumb drive. In your format of choice and backup PDF. Your slides will die, your computer will die, you need to be able to plan for all the tech you love betraying you.
  • Videos will fall down, have gifs as a backup or be ready to work without them
  • Live demos are impressive as heck and will fall down all the time. It just happens! Be ready to show a video/gif of a successful demo and practice being jokingly patient around things going wrong when you’re on stage.
  • If you stumble on a pronunciation, word or phrase, don’t go back and rephrase. Just keep going, other folks won’t notice 99% of the time.
  • Unless you’re an old hand with public speaking, you’re probably talking too fast. Slow down, it’ll feel weird but look cool.
  • Speaking to audience who aren’t native speakers of your talk language is such a cool challenge. Slow down, add more text to your slides, cut out idioms and repeat and rephrase things when you get the chance. Clearly communicating to your audience is your job.
  • Have a clear idea of what you want your audience to do. Chat to you afterwards? Follow you on social media? Download the thing you made? Give folks clear, polite, explicit nudges to do the thing.
  • It’s ok to be nervous. But as long as you don’t shake or cry on stage, nobody can tell that you’re nervous. You look cool and in control in stage, it’s all going to be ok!
  • Eventually something scary and bad will go wrong. It’s going to be ok! I’ve no joke fallen off a stage before. As long as you’re physically unharmed, your on stage horror story will eventually become a charming funny story.
  • Q&A can feel scary. But you’re the boss. Most of the audience wants what’s best for you. But you’ve got the upper hand against W&A griefers. If someone starts saying they’ve got a comment, not a question, just say “I want to reserve this time for questions”
  • With video, there’s a lot you can do. If your talk is the worst thing that ever happened to you (it’s probably not!) you can ask they not publish the video. You can also ask for specific simple edits (ex. Don’t show the Q&A plz!)
  • If you can, show up early to the venue to check out the stage, test your kit and pace out the stage. Say hello the the AV folks and crew, they’re here to help make your experience (and video!) great.
  • Advice to find your own presentation style might sound weird to new speakers (how?!) but you’ll find your own style with time. It’s going to be so exciting!
  • Timing is SO HARD. You’ll often run short as a new speaker. Don’t worry about running short. Folks love the chance to grab a coffee or run to the restroom. Practice skipping things in the last part of your talk to adapt for running short on time. Running long is a bit rude.
  • Props. Do you want to use props? Props are hecking great. Audiences love to see physical things. PLEASE show up early and clear props with stage and AV folks. Don’t spring props on them at the last moment.
  • Things going wrong is like a testing process. Everything that falls down, breaks or dies on stage gives you feedback to improve your next talk.
  • If you can, buy a cheap clicker and step away from your computer even if it’s just a bit. It’ll give you a more natural stage presence and prevent you from accidentally pressing the wrong key on your keyboard
  • This is a personal style note: I like to encourage folks to rely on their notes as little as possible. Reading verbatim from your notes will make you sounds stilted and weird.  Practicing with and without notes will teach you to improvise!
  • Public speaking is scary but it can help you gain visibility for your work, make professional connections and establish you as an expert voice in your field.

  • Don’t despair, shy folks! If public speaking isn’t something you want to do, you can gain some of the same benefits through building demos, writing, mentoring or contributing to projects.
  • My super secret practical cheat: Often you can put your own laptop (which you’ve set up to show your next slide, I hope) on the floor in front of you so you can see it for context clues without the audience noticing you look at it.
  • If you want to get invited back to events (or you just want to be nice) thank organizers on the day and send them good follow up feedback.

  • When you can, create a story you can build your talk around. “We built feature X, Y, Z!” vs “Let me tell you about a time I struggled with X. It was hard for [reasons] and it helped us develop X feature. Now doing X is easier because…”


LinuxCon China

LinuxCon China was a technical conference for developers, operations experts (architects, sys admins, devops), business, compliance and legal leadership and other professionals to come together in an informal setting to learn from open source experts, have fascinating discussions, collaborate with peers, and gain a competitive advantage with innovative open solutions.

This year I got an opportunity to talk about and represent Auth0 and Mozilla at LinuxCon. It was a 3-day conference where My first talk was based on Serverless where I was representing Auth0 and next day I was representing Mozilla with A-frame and WebVR theme.


The first day was really amazing as I had to visit all the sponsor’s booth where I got swags and most importantly networking. My talk on Serverless was at 16:20 Chinese Time. It was wonderful to see many attendees waiting for the talk, I started the presentation where I discussed the basics of Client-Server architecture and why we need security layer and how one can get started with serverless. The response of the talk was really good as many came after the session for the get started link and to clear their doubts. It was a good day at the conference.

The second day, I had an open session at the CNCC, where I was given a space where attendees came to interact and know about the project. The project I was having was of A-frame and WebVR. It was really fun to interact with the Chinese attendees as many were unable to understand or speak English, so I had to use VPN to use Google Translate( good translation 🙂 ). Many were excited to know about A-frame since it requires a very little amount of background in computer science to get started. I have shared the links with them via email and wechat. It was a good day to conclude the conference and very happy to represent both Mozilla and Auth0.

Sorry for not taking lot of pics. Thank you and enjoy the panda kickIMG_20180626_121206


Lovely Professional University is a private university situated in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. It is a well know educational institutions in the country with around 34000 students and over 130 programs. Mrinal and I were invited to LPU for a workshop on WebVR ( Virtual Reality ). We reached LPU on 17th April and visited the campus.


The morning started with a good cup of tea

We reached the auditorium on time. And yes it was filled with 1300 students. One of the biggest auditorium I have seen till now.


The event started with a brief introduction of speakers and then I started the explaining the difference between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Also Why we need these technologies?


Started with the Aframe Presentation slide to explain the basics of WebVR and A-frame. Students were really interested to know more about it.

After a while, students were getting bored, so I started with Virtual Girlfriend story ( Prathamesh’s story it is ) to explain the difference of VR, AR, and MR. And what all application we can build and solve real problems.

The event was really good, students asked many questions related to Mozilla, it’s product and Open Source in general. Would love to visit again 🙂


Event pics can be found https://www.shortto.com/mozillaevent

Virtual Reality @ Indian Institute of Technology (BHU)

Again trio has come together for a wonderful event. This time it was IIT-BHU. The event started with the introduction of the speakers, Shahbaz, Umesh and Prathamesh ( trio aka SUP ). Prathamesh started the session explaining the difference between VR, AR, and MR. People were amazed to know that they will be creating their VR experience after the brief presentation.

After Prathamesh, I talked about basics of WebVR and how easy it is to build in just a few lines of codes.

Screenshot from 2018-04-09 23-30-28.png

The hacking began with remixing Hello World example on glitch.

In this blog, I’ll be using more pics to describe what happened in the event.


How many of you know Virtual Reality?


WebVR mentors helping participants in solving their problems.


Participants helping each other and more focus on the challenge. Yes, we do have our famous WebVR contest here too. Best scenes get an A-frame tee.

Time to see the VR experience on the headset. Participants loved their first experience and the best part was, they were seeing their own imagination and faces show all.

Playing with the LEAP, Leap Motion’s hand tracking technology is designed to be embedded directly into VR/AR headsets.



Trio with IIT-BHU Event Team


Following are the Scenes created by participants:

Visit the following link to experience the beauty of the WebVR.

It was a wonderful event, really love the enthusiasm of the participants. Full pack auditorium is what you often see in colleges. Will be in the loop with the participants and will be bringing them to the next stage.


Yup, we are back again and will be seen again.


Virtual Reality @ Hackfest, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

HackFest is IIT(ISM) Dhanbad’s 36-hour annual hackathon organized by the Computer Science and Engineering Society (CSES) and ACM Student Chapter, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.

The event started with an introduction of speakers. Prathamesh, Umesh, and Shahbaz ( yep it’s me ), since we had limited time with us. So it was a quick talk-demo-workshop.


Prathamesh started with his favorite virtual girlfriend story to explain the concept of  Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. After a long and tiring hackathon, the audience seems interested and was into it.


I talked about the basics of WebVR, why we brought the VR on Web and what are their advantages. Used Kevin’s presentation for explaining the concept in details with his amazing presentation (https://aframevr.github.io/aframe-presentation-kit/).

After explaining what WebVR is, we asked participants to visit https://aframe.io/ and remix the hello world example on  http://glitch.com/


Due to the limited amount of time, participants couldn’t finish their idea. So we gave them a contest, where top 5 scenes will get a surprise gift from us.

And here comes, what we love most. After event photograph with the participants.


We will be seen together soon in IIT-BHU.