Mozilla Contribution – 2017 : Thanks to Mozilla and Mozillians

Year started with the #PrivacyMonth Campaign an initiative to support digital privacy by Mozilla India. Actively participated in offline/online event and have created a profile changer for privacymonth.

Invited to be a part of MakerFest’17 where I mostly talked about WebVR and Privacy in general . Event page

Get involved with Mozilla Reps Program and became an official mozilla rep : . Also I regularly attended 22 Reps Calls after becoming Mozilla Rep.

Organized and attended following events to bring community closer and focus on a particular active area of contribution.

  1. Maker Fest 2017 –
  2. Jaipur Test Pilot Meetup –
  3. MozActivate MITS –
  4. MozCoffee Jaipur –
  5. A-Frame Hacknight India –
  6. India Uses FxNightly –
  7. Rust Hack Jaipur-
  8. Jaipur Uses FxNightly –
  9. RainOfRust Campaign –
  10. A-frame bug fixing contest –
  11. MozCoffee Ranchi –
  12. MozAarambh Jharkhand Rai University –
  13. Firefox 57 Sprint Ranchi –
  14. WebVR India monthly calls –
  15. WebVR Camp @ JRU –
  16. MozCoffee Ranchi 2.0 –

Actively participated in Firefox Nightly campaign and also developed profile changer for the same campaign which is used by more than 300 people. Also organized Jaipur Uses Firefox Nightly where participants learned about the nightly browser and ways to contribute to it.

Moved to a new city,Ranchi, leaving Mozilla Community Rajasthan. Now I’m a volunteer at Mozilla Jharkhand Community. Organised many events and interacted with almost all the participants to know the problems of the community, which I talked about in my blogs.

Overall , the year was very much happening for me. Loking forward to contibue the same in 2018.

Happy new year


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